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Dofus Kamas

What is Dofus and Dofus Kamas?

Dofus takes place in "The World of Twelve," named for the 12 gods that inhabit it. Players control a 2D avatar belonging to one of 18 character classes in a third person view. The currency used in Dofus is called "Kamas". Some cities contain a marketplace where people can buy it for a fee. In addition, Dofus Retro 1.30 has come out in 2019, this version has been attracted more and more Dofus fans come back. Dofus 2.0 and Dofus 1.30 have the same currency name called “Kamas”.

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MmoXR has more than 500 people who are making Dofus Kamas in game with real hands. We can ensure the dofus kamas you buy is legitimate and zero account ban rate guarantee. Full stock in every server every day, we have enough ability of fulfilling all orders from customers.

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How to Receive your Dofus Kamas at MmoXR?

That is a simple process at MmoXR. You just need to make sure you filled in correct character name when placing an order then contact our customer service. We will verify your payment firstly then let you know what coordinate in game to meet with our trader, after you arrive the spot we told you, our guy will have a face to face trade with you. In the end, your delivery is completed.

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