​A new weapon Bakriminel Bolts

Oct-07-2021 PST runescape

A new weapon named Bakriminel Bolts was introduced into rangers in RS. Below we'll chat about Bakriminel Bolts. And we supply RS gold for you to purchase Bakriminel Bolts.

To acquire a Bakriminel Bolt, the premise is that you need level 85 woodcutting to chop the wood and level 93 fletching to earn the arrow shafts and attach the heads. Additionally, this is just for members. If you fulfill the requirements, just head northwest of Edgeville and speak to Mami Rimba. You must purchase bolt hints from Mami Rimba. Then you can proceed to find bloodwood trees. There are only a few locations where you can find bloodwood trees. Those locations are:

1. Alongside the Chaos Altar

2. North-east of the Demonic Ruins

3. South of the Pirate Hideout

4. Soul Wars (later Nomad's Requiem)

5. Close to the Darkmeyer Arboretum (after the Branches of Darkmeyer)

In total, there are six bloodwood trees. You'll be given more logs as you chop the trees from the wilderness. But you will be prone to be given fewer logs as you visit another three trees since you need to complete high-level quests.

However, it is not just simply cutting bloodwood trees to generate your Bakriminel Bolt. Once you've chopped down the trees and gather logs, then you need to fletch the bolt shafts and add the hints while staying close to the tree. The logs or unfinished bolts will evaporate if you get too far away from bloodwood trees. Each log makes ten shafts. As soon as you collect sufficient logs, you may create your own Bakriminel Bolt.

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