• The next episode of DC Universe Online is all about Wonder Woman

    Jun-28-2020 PST news

    The multiverse seems broken, and the only one strong enough to heal her is a great woman. DC Universe Online introduces the next episode in Wonderverse. Episode 38 starting in August is all about Wonder Woman. In Wonderverse, the well wall appears to have cracked and led to the collapse of multiple universes. Amazon discovered ... [...]

  • Path of Exile: Next expansion adds mechanics, loot, and performance enhancements

    Jun-14-2020 PST path of exile

    The free online action RPG, will receive a new expansion before the end of June 2020. Entitled 'Harvest' the bonus pack and Orb will bring new mechanics, loot (including old reviews), and performance improvements to the game. This last factor especially affects the PC version. The Grinding Gear Games team will also includ ... [...]

  • Fallout 76 Fasnacht Day events started after technical issues

    May-30-2020 PST Fallout 76

    Those watching the Vasnakht Day Parade in Fallout 76 have been answered. The event returns after technical issues at launch on May 25. The robots will launch hourly on Appalachia for the duration of the event, and Bethesda extended the celebration to June 9. Fasnacht Day is part of the Mayo Community calendar for Fallout 76, w ... [...]

  • The best free games on Xbox One

    May-15-2020 PST news

    Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we had to be at home. Fortunately, video games still give us the much-needed escape from reality, and the growing F2P (free game) market means that even if you save a penny, you can still pamper your gaming habits. Some free xbox games are listed below. MMOxr would make sure to cover all genres so ... [...]

  • Path of Exile – Delirium League Guide

    May-02-2020 PST path of exile

    The Delirium League in Path of Exile has something that sparked a lot of excitement for the ARPG title. If a league is a feature that you think attracts you, you need to know a lot in advance. If you’re not new to it, don’t be afraid. MMOxr has compiled the following guide quickly with everything you need to know about the ... [...]

  • Latest RuneScape Patch Notes Focus on Archaeology

    Apr-24-2020 PST runescape

    The latest patch notes are live for RuneScape and focus on archaeology. Archaeology was recently added as the first new skill in RuneScape in years. The patch notes yesterday cite several quality of life improvements, in addition to a few fixes. Check out the full archeology patch notes below: · The hint-trail for the ... [...]

  • Path of Exile: Five Reasons Why Delirium League is bad

    Apr-09-2020 PST path of exile

    The latest Delirium release from Path of Exile contains a lot of content for squeezing RPG fans. Whether you want to hit powerful maps with furious mists in this league or build Cluster Jewel gems to build, this league has something for every type of player. While the league mechanic himself is a great addition to the game, this leag ... [...]

  • The Runescape update adds archeological skill

    Apr-02-2020 PST runescape

    RuneScape 3's new archaeological skill allows players to explore excavations and discover rare and ancient artifacts to restore them. Released in 2001, RuneScape is an MMORPG known for its mission and deep knowledge. RuneScape has been around for a long time, but Jagex has retained the popular MMORPG game. Jagex maintains Old ... [...]

  • FIFA Mobile to improve Perks and repair team building challenges

    Mar-28-2020 PST fifa

    FIFA Mobile will release an update that includes a large number of changes. One of these changes is update permissions. In addition, there will also be challenges to build squads with Star Pass for a number of updates. All of this will happen this month, and we'll take a closer look at what these changes offer. Perks Le ... [...]

  • Path of Exile: Best Skills, Ranked

    Mar-18-2020 PST path of exile

    With a new League release for Path of Exile recently, many new players are jumping into the game for the first time. They immediately meet them with a wide range of skills, passivity and language equipment that sets the game apart from similar games like Diablo or Grim Dawn. The best way to learn Path of Exile is to split it i ... [...]

  • Fallout 76, the Wastelanders update will make the title more similar to the previous ones

    Mar-11-2020 PST Fallout 76

    Fallout 76's new Wastelanders update is intended to respond to massive feedback that gamers have complained about since the game's launch: the lack of NPCs. The update will not only introduce the NPCs, but will bring with them the choices that the player will make and which will have an impact on the storyline of the title, as we hav ... [...]

  • All new on the way to Path Of Exile: Delirium

    Mar-04-2020 PST path of exile

    Barbecue Games announced Delirium as the first expansion of the year in Path Of Exile. Players have the opportunity to enjoy end result content through many difficulties and add to their enormous skill tree with Cluster Jewel. The Mirror of Delirium The focus of the expansion is on delirium detected by players. As with ... [...]

  • Runescape Update Adds “Diversity Improvements,” Draws Outrage

    Feb-25-2020 PST runescape

    Jagex is under fire after the latest Runescape update has implemented "Diversity Enhancement". Runescape developers (should not be mistaken for Old School Runescape) announced their corrective notes in their latest update on February 24. Among them was the title entitled "Improving Diversity", which better illustrates J ... [...]

  • Madden 21: Who should be the next cover star?

    Feb-19-2020 PST Madden 20

    Together with Patrick Mahomes all but breaking the Madden curse with all the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory, we take a peek at some candidates that are respectable to grace the cover of Madden 21. The NFL season is in the books. Together with the Chiefs' 31-20 victory over the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV, Patrick Mahomes effectively p ... [...]

  • Fallout 76 Finally Comes To Steam In April With A Free Update

    Feb-11-2020 PST Fallout 76

    The fall surpassed the 76 glory of Steam when it was released in October 2018, instead I chose to launch with Bethesda's private launcher. The publisher has now confirmed the Steam release date - this is (relatively) coming soon. Fallout 76 appears on Steam on April 7 along with the free Wastelanders update, which adds NPCs to ... [...]

  • DC Universe Online Welcomes the Birds of Prey in April

    Feb-05-2020 PST news

    The MMO DC Universe Online is welcoming the Birds of Prey to face off against Lex Luthor beginning in April. The announcement from DC Universe Online is below: Just announced, the following content release of DC Universe Online assembles a team: the Birds of Prey! The episode BIRDS OF PREY will launch. NEW EPISODE: BIRD ... [...]

  • RuneScape War's Retreat & Winter Chill Away

    Jan-29-2020 PST runescape

    War's Retreat has came in RuneScape. Subsequently War's Retreat is the place to be, if you would like to demonstrate some bosses who is boss! It's an all-purpose PvM hub, full of of the Bank Chests, Adrenaline Crystals, and Boss Portals an adventurer may need. Plus, you can meet up with group and your fellow warriors up with e ... [...]

  • RuneScape celebrates the most successful year in its history

    Jan-21-2020 PST runescape

    Jagex, a leading UK developer and author of Living Games, has now announced a strengthening of this studio with the hiring of ability across all areas and levels. This growth that is latest builds upon the successes of 2019 which saw Jagex employ over 100 employees around publishing development and surgeries in its Cambridge HQ. This ... [...]

  • Path Of Exile: Tips To Survive Metamorph League

    Jan-15-2020 PST path of exile

    Path Of Exile has appear one of its expansions yet. Conquerors of this Atlas absolutely overhauls the systems with the accession of new administration to slay, bringing new boodle and incentives to accomplish content. With this growth, Path of Exile calmly has one of the best systems of any video bold available. Conquerors of ... [...]

  • Path Of Exile Brings Awful Carnival Microtransactions With Gore-Filled Fireworks

    Jan-08-2020 PST path of exile

    It is the abject of joy and ball travel aback for decades, carnivals an odd bond which has become a adumbration of itself, and horror. Perhaps Steven King is to blame, together with his atypical IT. Yet it's a adumbration only the same, and it has become a archetypal one revolving about bizarre that is horrifyingly and the devilishly ... [...]

  • NBA 2K20 -- Authoritative The Actual Best Center Construct

    Jan-01-2020 PST nba 2k20

    Centers accept played roles. Thanks to the admission of 2K of the pie archive system, it is accessible to actualize some absolutely air-conditioned builds. In this piece, I'll be you guys in creating a NBA 2K20 Center construct. Big men are important for esplanade line-ups and of advance play a role in amateur as we all know. Some am ... [...]

  • ​Park Matchmaking Or Gameplay

    Dec-26-2019 PST nba 2k20

    I accept just started arena on the Esplanade to alter the gameplay from just MyCareer. My body is a 6'5" SG 94 Two Way 3 Akin Facilitator and the aboriginal brace of amateur were abundant as seemed to be akin with players with the aforementioned adeptness as me. Since afresh I got akin up adjoin the a lot of antic playe ... [...]

  • ​Questions about defense in Madden 20

    Dec-26-2019 PST Madden 20

    Just got Madden 20 on PS4 for Christmas, haven't played a Madden back 16 on the 360. However, I had been arena back 06 alongside the NCAA franchise. I usually play on All-Madden or Heisman in every game. So I'm not clueless by any means. However, I cannot amount out defense in this game. I'm arena simulation, All-Madden ... [...]

  • ​The Atlas needs some UI changes

    Dec-26-2019 PST path of exile

    The map backing tab badly needs an update, or the Atlas needs some UI changes. Currently, your agency to apperceive what maps you've completed the benefit objectives on in is rather pointlessly inhibited by the UI changes on the Atlas-specifically as a aftereffect of the watchstones mechanic. When you accretion Conqueror acces ... [...]

  • ​Advice For Road To Returning

    Dec-26-2019 PST runescape

    Hello Everyone! I wish to forerunner this annual with the following: I am not afterwards annual abutment mods, I've apprehend the rules and I'm acquisitive my column doesn't borrow on them. I've been arena Runescape on and off for about 12 years now, it's absolutely a bold that has developed up with me. In 2018 I had the befal ... [...]