Latest RuneScape Patch Notes Focus on Archaeology

Apr-24-2020 PST runescape

The latest patch notes are live for RuneScape and focus on archaeology.

Archaeology was recently added as the first new skill in RuneScape in years. The patch notes yesterday cite several quality of life improvements, in addition to a few fixes. Check out the full archeology patch notes below:

· The hint-trail for the Archaeology research tutorial appears more consistently.

· Players can enter the Kharid-et praetorium without a Ring of Visibility.

· The Imp Souled perk sends appropriate resources to the Metal Bank and the Material Storage.

· Both the Pontifex Signet Ring and the Legatus Pendant can be added to the Toolbelt.

· The Resourceful aura now works with Archaeology.

· The Fortune Ancient Invention perk has an increased chance to activate on level 20 augmented items.

· The 'Everlight' music track can be unlocked by entering the base of the lighthouse.

· Finding a dragon mattock is an entry in your Adventurer's Log.

· The contents of your Material Storage are viewable from the Archaeology Journal via the 'Information' option.

· Tetracompass pieces now use the artefact 'Inspect' option displaying the requirements to make a complete tetracompass.

· Excavating a tetracompass reward uses the usual blue Archaeology excavation bar.

· It is now possible to Surge and Bladed Dive in the forge area inside the Warforge dig site.

· The Ironman plaque in Edgeville has been updated with the names of the first Ironman and Hardcore Ironman to reach 99 Archaeology. Congratulations!

· Moved a bibliotheke debris excavation spot allows the Time Sprite in this area to be more easily followed.

· Archaeology microsites now have a minimum of 3 material caches of each type available at that site.

· Archaeology dig sites will now have a minimum of 2 material caches of each material specific to that site.

· The Augmented Masterwork Spear of Annihilation no longer loses its masterwork upgrade when players die in the Wilderness or when using an Augmentation Dissolver.

· Added an option to deactivate the Auto-screener v1.080.

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