The Runescape update adds archeological skill

Apr-02-2020 PST runescape

RuneScape 3's new archaeological skill allows players to explore excavations and discover rare and ancient artifacts to restore them.

Released in 2001, RuneScape is an MMORPG known for its mission and deep knowledge. RuneScape has been around for a long time, but Jagex has retained the popular MMORPG game. Jagex maintains Old School Runescape and RuneScape 3, and both receive regular updates. In a recent update, Jagex added his first new skill to RuneScape 3 in four years: Archeology.

The number of players with RuneScape 3 is much smaller than their number with Old School RuneScape. Jagex has tried to activate a modern version of their game in the past, such as launching RuneScape mobile - though RuneScape 3 still can't compete with Old School RuneScape and its mobile version. This new skill may be another way to compete in RuneScape 3.

With RuneScape 3's Land Out of Time update, which added dinosaurs, the archaeological update returns to focus on the past. Players can explore five different drilling sites where they dig and restore monuments against new forces and other rewards. Only time will determine whether this new skill will be able to measure the content received by the Old School RuneScape, such as the new 80-player raid.

For nearly two decades, players were able to travel to RuneScape, where they introduced the world to exploring and meeting people. Now players can use the then built relationships to solve a new challenge at Old School RuneScape, the Ashiyama nightmare - a brand new one for up to 80 players at a time.

The Ashiyama Nightmare is now available to players in Old School RuneScape and can be accessed by traveling to the Catacombs of Sisterhood Sanctuary in Mauritania. There, players encounter a president who is simply called a "nightmare." Those visiting Mrytania for the first time must undergo a "priest in danger" operation before they can move on, but then they are free to contact the president with up to 80 players. It's a cool part of the game, though the updated version of RuneScape got the dinosaurs with a modern extension that looks even more interesting.

Players who drop The Nightmare can receive rewards as long as they do a certain amount of damage. The better the player performs, the better rewards the player will receive. Bonuses are also unique to players, so you don't have to compete fast after battle to loot the loot. The only exception is one unique item that is awarded to a player who has met the minimum damage requirements. The more damage a player does, the better their chances of a unique win. Unique prizes make RuneScape players cheat on each other, so look for players who suddenly try to be friendlier after getting a cool item.

As the game progresses, RuneScape 3 fans will be happy to see content that may bring in new players. A brand new skill like archeology has always brought with it the number of RuneScape players with RS Gold, so it's not unreasonable to expect it to happen again. However, many subtle RuneScape 3 events may make the game less attractive - especially compared to, of course, Old School RuneScape.