• The prices of Genshin Impact Gem have increased in some countries

    Nov-05-2020 PST news

    Tax increases are driving more expensive microtransactions, and Genshin Impact's gem prices have suddenly skyrocketed in at least seven countries as a result of recent changes to Apple App Store policies. However, these price changes have impacted more than just iOS. If you live under a rock, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play g ... [...]

  • The next episode of DC Universe Online will take you into the future

    Oct-02-2020 PST news

    The next episode of DC Universe Online takes everyone from multiple verses into the future. It's time for the bravest team of the 31st century to meet Long Live the Legion. Episode 39 is scheduled for November 2020. The Legion of Super-Heroes is a team formed in the 31st century and inspired by several current heroes, ... [...]

  • DC Universe Online launches a Flashpoint Time Capsule

    Aug-11-2020 PST news

    It's only been a week since DC Universe Online launched its Wonderverse event. While this can indeed be disastrous, one thing is making its way into the MMO that everyone is sure to love. It is none other than Flashpoint Time Capsule. The Time Capsule is a Legend Chest item that is randomly dropped by an enemy that th ... [...]

  • The next episode of DC Universe Online is all about Wonder Woman

    Jun-28-2020 PST news

    The multiverse seems broken, and the only one strong enough to heal her is a great woman. DC Universe Online introduces the next episode in Wonderverse. Episode 38 starting in August is all about Wonder Woman. In Wonderverse, the well wall appears to have cracked and led to the collapse of multiple universes. Amazon discovered ... [...]

  • The best free games on Xbox One

    May-15-2020 PST news

    Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we had to be at home. Fortunately, video games still give us the much-needed escape from reality, and the growing F2P (free game) market means that even if you save a penny, you can still pamper your gaming habits. Some free xbox games are listed below. MMOxr would make sure to cover all genres so ... [...]

  • DC Universe Online Welcomes the Birds of Prey in April

    Feb-05-2020 PST news

    The MMO DC Universe Online is welcoming the Birds of Prey to face off against Lex Luthor beginning in April. The announcement from DC Universe Online is below: Just announced, the following content release of DC Universe Online assembles a team: the Birds of Prey! The episode BIRDS OF PREY will launch. NEW EPISODE: BIRD ... [...]