The prices of Genshin Impact Gem have increased in some countries

Nov-05-2020 PST news

Tax increases are driving more expensive microtransactions, and Genshin Impact's gem prices have suddenly skyrocketed in at least seven countries as a result of recent changes to Apple App Store policies. However, these price changes have impacted more than just iOS.

If you live under a rock, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game from Mihoyo. He has lived in Asia for a while, but was recently released from the West and internationally. To say the release was popular would be a bit simplistic; It has raised more than $ 100 million since its recent launch worldwide.

Of course, this free game makes its money from microtransactions. Players can purchase in-game currency called “gems” which can then be used to unlock gacha (these are effective loot chests); This gacha in turn can give the player new characters to play. Unfortunately, Genshin Impact gem prices seem to have suddenly risen in some countries.

Which countries have the highest prices for jewels with the Jinshin effect?

An entry to Genshin Impact states that price increases have been observed in the following countries: Brazil, Colombia, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. This comes after a report from Apple Insider indicating that the new prices have reached all of these countries except Iceland. Albania was also mentioned by Apple Insider as a country that may be experiencing price increases in App Store listings, although I haven't seen any reports of this related to Genshin Impact.

Why has the price of the gemstone effect increased in these countries?

Prices for Genshin Impact gemstones have increased due to price changes in the Apple App Store; These price changes were in turn the result of increased tax rates and / or exchange rate fluctuations. Prices have not only gone up in the app store. The introduction of Reddit indicates that prices have gone up across all platforms, although Apple's App Store has only been affected in some scenarios. One of the biggest scandalous hikes happened in Brazil, where prices soared anywhere from 70% to 80% without warning.

The increase isn't just Mihoyo's fault, Apple's changes were instead announced abruptly, leaving developers with little time to adjust. However, Mihoyo was able to temporarily absorb the costs and give players a short grace period to make purchases at lower prices; FFXIV previously reversed a similar price hike in Brazil and Russia for a month to give players time to spend at the rates they were used to.

For now, Genshin Impact players are focusing on raising awareness of the problem in the hope that Mihoyo will reverse the price change, if only for a short while; If you haven't played this game yet, you can play Genshin Impact for free from the official website. What do you think of the price of Genshin Impact gemstones suddenly rising in many countries? Do you think Mihoyo should have given players more advance warning or mercy? More game news updates from MMOxr