• Madden 21: Who should be the next cover star?

    Feb-19-2020 PST Madden 20

    Together with Patrick Mahomes all but breaking the Madden curse with all the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory, we take a peek at some candidates that are respectable to grace the cover of Madden 21. The NFL season is in the books. Together with the Chiefs' 31-20 victory over the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV, Patrick Mahomes effectively p ... [...]

  • ​Questions about defense in Madden 20

    Dec-26-2019 PST Madden 20

    Just got Madden 20 on PS4 for Christmas, haven't played a Madden back 16 on the 360. However, I had been arena back 06 alongside the NCAA franchise. I usually play on All-Madden or Heisman in every game. So I'm not clueless by any means. However, I cannot amount out defense in this game. I'm arena simulation, All-Madden ... [...]