The next episode of DC Universe Online will take you into the future

Oct-02-2020 PST news

The next episode of DC Universe Online takes everyone from multiple verses into the future. It's time for the bravest team of the 31st century to meet Long Live the Legion. Episode 39 is scheduled for November 2020.

The Legion of Super-Heroes is a team formed in the 31st century and inspired by several current heroes, most notably the Teen Titans. Their biggest opponent, Mordro, has come up with a plan to destroy the team. This plan involves destroying the past because it means that there will be no heroes who will inspire the formation of this future team.

In this new episode, players travel forward in time with the Teen Titans to help the Legion of Super-Heroes Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl members. Other details of this episode are:

    ● Long Live the Legion offers both standard and elite editions of content. Non-level event versions of content are available to all players, but for a limited time.

    ● This episode features new and returning allies and enemies, including founders Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad, as well as their enemies Mordru, Emerald Empress, and Validus.

    ● The story features adventures set in the distant future, featuring the 31st Century Metropolis, Legion HQ and more.

    ● The 31st Century Open City Open World offers enhanced encounters, bonuses and mechanics in World Boss

    ● The episode offers new player rewards, including gear, artifacts, patterns, base items and exploits.

Witching Hour 2020

Before the new episode is released, players will be able to do something in the meantime. October 1 marks the start of The Witching Hour, which runs through November 4 and introduces new staples, feats and even styles among other things.

This year there are troubles on the streets of Gotham City and the Midnight Maskeride Nightclub. To start the event, the heroes must search for Phantom Stranger, while the villains must talk to Tala. Players must be at least level 10 to participate in this event.

Additionally, players must check Mission Journal each day of the event to complete missions and earn Spooky Bites.

Fall Fest

That's not all that's happening as Fall Fest kicks off today and ends on October 11th. There will be free gifts along with the sale. To get the free gifts, players only need to log in during the Fall Festival period. Gifts include:

    ● CR255 Character Advance

    ● Hallowings

    ● Vampire Bat (Trinket Pet)

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