FIFA Mobile to improve Perks and repair team building challenges

Mar-28-2020 PST fifa

FIFA Mobile will release an update that includes a large number of changes. One of these changes is update permissions. In addition, there will also be challenges to build squads with Star Pass for a number of updates. All of this will happen this month, and we'll take a closer look at what these changes offer.


Let's start with the benefits. FIFA Mobile has revealed that players can get franchises faster. However, these benefits would cost more. This is good news for those who have not yet been able to complete the tree's first set. Once the update starts, this should allow players to catch up with others. However, those who have completed the boom will have the opportunity to claim the first set of franchises with their franchise points.

Star Pass

There is also an update to Star Pass that will add rewards that can be earned over a longer period of time. This is in addition to the bonuses that are already offered monthly. The update ensures that players earn Star Tokens, which can then be used in coins, XP training and even Skill Boosts.

The more players spend Star Tokens on specials, the more they can get Icon players like Cannavaro, Best, Gullit and even Prime Icon Roberto Carlos. What the update does is that players no longer have to choose between getting an icon or improving skills.


Speaking of icons, many players have been asking for it for months. Icons have their own event and can be acquired through the team building challenges. Not all icons are available, but the intention is to add more icons over time.

According to the FIFA Mobile Team, the unique Icon and SBC players will not be auctioned. So for those looking for a specific symbol, they will not be available on the market. Instead, players must complete SBC challenges to get the desired code.

Team building challenges

This brings us to the challenges of team building. This has always been a feature of the game and it will come back with the next update. In addition, SBC offers players more options to upgrade to get Ultimate Team.

For those who are seeing this feature for the first time, SBC will appear as a new round button type in various events. Once in SBC, players will see Start 11 formation that comes with a list of requirements. You must meet these requirements to complete the challenge. Players who miss a few players to complete SBC can go to the market, current events or even the store. There they can get the necessary players to complete this special challenge.

Player rankings

Return is also the player's ranking. Multiple players can be ranked with tokens, coins or other requirements. This is not all, as FIFA Mobile will make it better to transfer the ranks to all the players on the list. In fact, it is now possible to transfer the ranks of the team without losing the previous player.

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