Fallout 76 Fasnacht Day events started after technical issues

May-30-2020 PST Fallout 76

Those watching the Vasnakht Day Parade in Fallout 76 have been answered. The event returns after technical issues at launch on May 25. The robots will launch hourly on Appalachia for the duration of the event, and Bethesda extended the celebration to June 9.

Fasnacht Day is part of the Mayo Community calendar for Fallout 76, which includes other events such as the dual weekend XP earlier in the month, backpacker upgrades shortly thereafter, and the upcoming presentation window for players looking to contribute to the " Black and white "to be seen in June.

Fasents Day is inspired by a Swiss cultural festival called the Basel Carnival, although in Fallout 76 players hunt down robots chasing through the wasteland, while those robots wear creepy masks and try to kill everyone. The event was originally launched on May 25, but was quickly removed due to an issue with creature reproduction in the game, and only recently Bethesda confirmed in her community forums that it had resolved the event so everyone's favorite killers could interact with it again.

There is also currently a business solution for a duplication issue with in-game vending machines and display cases. The fix should be ready next week. Players are encouraged to report others they see abuse of this exploitation until resolved. You can also earn double XPs from June 4 to June 8.

Now the event is being re-aired and Fallout 76 players will be able to enjoy collecting rare collectibles and cosmetics from defeating robots on Fasnacht Day between now and June 9. Seasonal items are also being added to the Atomic Shop and it is currently available for free to capture during the Fasn Day celebrations. The Wastelanders Gallery that fans were able to post last month will also be live during this period, so stay tuned.

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