RuneScape Revealed - The Launch Date Of The Desperate Measures

Jul-14-2020 PST runescape

Later in July, RuneScape will be given a new mission. With the title 'Desperate Measures', the mission is a direct continuation of last year's Deser Times.

Jagex has announced that the final chapter of the RuneScape story is called Desperate Measures. The new research is aimed at players eager to test their newly acquired skills and delve into the world of the world.

Desperate measures will be launched on Monday, July 27, 2020, a direct follow-up to last year's Times Times novel and will remain Elder Gods' mission.

Desperate measures

The new mission will soon bring new environments, unique rewards and Dragonkin secrets.

The new chapter in RuneScape's Elder Gods series - Desperate Measures - offers players the opportunity to test the newly introduced archeology skill.

Last year there was a novel by Desperate Times and it will continue this year, alongside the Elder Gods mission.

Through desperate measures, RuneScape players will gather a team and use their new archaeological skills to discover new puzzles on the dinosaur endemic island of Anachronia.

Anyone who dares to investigate the Kerapac threat will learn more about Dragonkin, a race of powerful dragon-like creatures.

Desperate measures will bring Gielinor's game world to the brink of catastrophe and unleash certain events, which will inevitably lead to the appearance of older gods and the greatest wars of God.

Desperate measures will be taken on Monday 27 July.