Path of Exile: Five Reasons Why Delirium League is bad

Apr-09-2020 PST path of exile

The latest Delirium release from Path of Exile contains a lot of content for squeezing RPG fans. Whether you want to hit powerful maps with furious mists in this league or build Cluster Jewel gems to build, this league has something for every type of player. While the league mechanic himself is a great addition to the game, this league has many problems. Fans have complained about the league's focus on the terrestrial effects of killing players, and many say the game's technical performance is at an all-time low. From grape jewelry to new enemies, here are 5 of its problems (Some of them are great).

Ground Effects

To prevent problems with removing thefts from previous patrols, delirium contained many of the worldly effects that monsters received during the attacks or when they died. This encourages players to move and provides a danger space for rapid construction, at least in theory. Because there is constant fog at almost every level, it's hard for players to tell if the Earth is safe until it's too late, leading to many frustrating deaths in this league. The fog, which sometimes reduces the player's speed as a correction, makes these effects harder to handle.

The Simulacrum

Wave-based tasks are rare in cartography, which focuses on the path of the terrain path. When players are strong, it makes sense to do some sort of endurance mission to push your building to the limit. It's a shame that the measure of combat endurance in the arena was never appropriate to fight healthier enemies than the leaders of the final path in Exile Atlas. Players enter a random downtown law center and battle one of twenty raging crowds. Each wave becomes harder than the last, and escalates, reaching a ridiculous difficulty around wave 17. This isn't bad by nature, but the bosses here can instantly kill the most tank players as they absorb millions of damage per second. Bonuses are also split randomly, and the starting fee for this appointment is 300 pieces, which requires dozens of maps to get.

Boss Fights

Any enemy traveling in exile can affect the mist mechanism of delirium. While there, the enemies have extra interest, which makes them awful to fight more for robbery. This also extends to game boss fights, or should they. Virtually, the Delirium mist will pass before you have a chance to kill the Delirious boss, eliminate the extra bids, and reward the pollution. This sounds worse when bosses are fighting at levels of immunity like The Brine King or Innocence.

Mirror Spawns

To start an appointment with delirium, you need to find a mirror and pass through it to shrink the delirious mist. The problem is that this mirror can spawn anywhere on the map. This can lead to hunters hunting as players look in the mirror to increase fog bonuses. Worse, builders who want to bypass the periodic mechanic cannot, in certain situations, have a mirror covering the lane leading to the head or exit. The mirrors should be woven close to the player's birth point and not randomly around the map.


Performance has declined in the Path of Exile series after almost every upgrade since the league broke out. With the Delirium League, the game reached a break point for stability. Maps often hang with a load of assets or poor connections to servers. With the latest correction, certain elements do not show materials or do not interact with the lighting and appear as gray dots instead of the appropriate elements. Certain effects of earth and particles are not shown, leading to unreasonable deaths over which players had no control. Clearing the shading cache and interfering with the sound - yes, the sound of the game can cause performance issues - but it has left many fans unsure of the path of Exile 2.