Fallout 76, the Wastelanders update will make the title more similar to the previous ones

Mar-11-2020 PST Fallout 76

Fallout 76's new Wastelanders update is intended to respond to massive feedback that gamers have complained about since the game's launch: the lack of NPCs. The update will not only introduce the NPCs, but will bring with them the choices that the player will make and which will have an impact on the storyline of the title, as we have always been used to seeing in Fallout since its first release, and, in fact, making Fallout 76 more like a classic game in the series.

At the PAX East Event, lead designer Ferret Baudoin said that "the team in no way predicted that the lack of NPC would generate so much negativity around Fallout 76 at launch" and "during game development, it was unclear what we were doing, which was quite complicated, as we generally would have discussed the progress of the work and how the game would have looked when it was finished, but in this case, there was no clear decision. " After Bethesda viewed the players' feedback, the developer decided to focus attention from PvP to PvE, thus allowing the team to start working on adding NPCs. Bethesda was proud of the product created, although it acknowledged that something was missing.

Baudoin then added: "there were many positive things at the launch of the game; if you are a person who likes exploration, the world of Fallout 76 is probably one of the best worlds to explore that we have ever created. However, some people required adding non-player characters, someone to connect emotionally with. Knowing, then, that they are all dead, and finding a holonaster that belonged to someone, they would have lost the hope of meeting this person in life and helping them. "

The feedback received from Fallout 76 has therefore allowed Bethesda to "correct the course" and, with Wastelanders, the developer believes that the game will be ready to satisfy the players who abandoned the title when they did not find the same experience as the classics Fallout. The lead developer then concluded, saying that, in his opinion, Wastelanders will make Fallout 76 much more similar to the previous titles, now that they have added things that they would have expected to find in Fallout 3 or 4, respecting the expectations that the players have had about it.

The Wastelanders update will be available from April 7 as free additional content for Fallout 76, the day the game will also arrive on Steam. To find out more about the new update, we refer you to a previous article in which we talk about it. On the occasion of the new update coming soon, we recommend that you try Fallout 76 if you have not already done so, by finding it at the following link.