Path of Exile: Best Skills, Ranked

Mar-18-2020 PST path of exile

With a new League release for Path of Exile recently, many new players are jumping into the game for the first time. They immediately meet them with a wide range of skills, passivity and language equipment that sets the game apart from similar games like Diablo or Grim Dawn.

The best way to learn Path of Exile is to split it into smaller pieces and learn things one by one. Skills are one of the easiest mechanisms to learn, and they require a jacket in your suit of matching color. While there are over 100 gems in play, a few are above the rest. These are the best skills to use on the path to exile.

Herald of Ash

This skill in itself does not hurt, because you act more as a shop for yourself than the main skill. Don't be fooled about how powerful this skill is. Herald of Ash gives you 15% of the physical damage as extra damage from the fire, which gives a huge amount of extra damage to most of the attack based buildings. It also protects the damage caused by talismans when not using the melee. The best part of Herald of Ash is its effect on murder. When an enemy dies during its activity, it explodes and kills everyone in the beam. If your device does a lot of damage but has obviously faded capabilities, this warning can be fixed by itself.

Blade Vortex

While the name means this is an attack skill, Blade Vortex is actually a fit that evokes ethereal blades that catch the wheel. These blades can pile up to deal additional damage, attack faster and even provide an extra crucial opportunity. Because Blade Vortex is a talisman, gems like Cast or Critical Strike can allow Blade Vortex to activate from another close attack skill like Cyclone. Combined with ascending as the Shadow Assassin subcategory, Blade Vortex can become a powerful build ability.

Righteous Fire

There aren't many games that can set you on fire to clear hordes of enemies. With good fire you can do this which is a powerful skill. This skill will swallow your character on fire and treat a percentage of your life's maximum and energy shield per second as damage from a fire. The upside is that any enemy close to you takes a large amount of fire damage per second, which is amplified by building up your life and reducing fire damage from negative trees. If you can get a lot of life regeneration and fire resistance, this skill can always be active and deal great damage to bosses and small enemies. You don't feel comfortable staying in the tank in the challenging End of Exile game.

Toxic rain

Sagittarius characters are usually one of the worst starters to the league in Path of Exile due to shrinkage issues and lack of life contract on the right side of the negative tree. The plea does not call for toxic rain. As long as you have an arc with some sort of junk or flakes of poisoning, Toxic Rain will become one of the best arc skills in the game. Poisonous arrows to shoot into the air, this skill launches bacteria into the trauma that causes great chaos over time. Heights like Pathfinder or Trickster can take this entirely to another level as it swells in damage over time and has a strong, powerful venom for Pathfinder.

Vaal Double Strike

Conceptually, Double Strike is one of the dullest and most common attacks on any path of exile. This ability ensures that you hit the enemy target twice in the swing. It does a lot of damage on its own, but Double Strike really has an incredible Vaal variable. Vaal Double Strike will clone your character when you hit a target and duplicate your current weapons, equipment and hobbyists. This way you can make two copies each time, so you can multiply the damage output three times over the next six seconds. This is a great skill for removing large groups of enemies. To kill bosses, this is one of the best skills in attack based melee game.

Essence Drain And Contagion

Make no mistake, this article will discuss two skills instead of one. The reason for this is that the function of one skill does not fully come into its own without the other, making both skills almost mandatory to use them together. Essence Drain fires a messy track that causes extensive damage over a large area over time. After that, the infection will attack its own damage over time in a much larger radius, which can then spread the effect of itself and Essence Drain if the enemy dies. Basically they can throw dozens of enemies together at the same time. This can get even more insane when the mysterious people, capable of bursting enemies at death, are treated while treating a quarter of their healthy group as chaos in a small area.

Arc Mines

There is nothing easier on the path of exile than the mine-based character. All you have to do is drop a decree of explosives on the target and watch it and everything close to it dies immediately. Most of the mine's characters use the arc as their main talisman, bringing serial lightning from every planted mine. If you can get Tabula Rasa while leveling, you can set a 6-link Arc Mine setting to instantly kill any campaign boss. It is a realistic skill to race fast for good reason.

Holy Flame Totem

Totems is one of the most powerful mechanisms in the game, allowing players to summon multiple copies of totems to eliminate enemies with numerous talismans. While the spell spell is great, few mention the power of the flame totem. Although advertised as a support totem, don't miss it this way. This flame thrower totem is incredibly powerful for its major base damage, damage damage, ability to fire multiple flame cones at once, and it can even heal you with its special soil!

Vaal Summon Skeletons

If you want to play a peaceful game in a role play, there are not many options besides playing any other video game. Well, there is at least one option: play summoner. You will not kill anything with your own hands, but it will give you the living dead and kill everything that gets in your way. Vaal Summon Skeletons is a great skill for summoners as it summons 36 huge skeletons at level 20, with warriors, archers, mages and even a general giving the crowd an aura. Combined with a zombie lift that can damage damage, nothing - or the undead army - can get in your way.

Flame Dash

Not every skill is used on the path of exile because of the possible damage. Practical skills are also incredibly important, but nothing can win the good use of good movement skills. With the number of areas in which the path of exile contains a topography that cannot be crossed regularly, the ability of movement to bridge those gaps is a must. Introducing Flame Dash, a skill that takes you far away and leaves a harmful flame in your wake. Flame probably won't kill anyone, but Flame Dash Instant Transfer gives you a great way to cycle through cards and avoid single-shot attacks. Every building should use this skill when possible.