All new on the way to Path Of Exile: Delirium

Mar-04-2020 PST path of exile

Barbecue Games announced Delirium as the first expansion of the year in Path Of Exile. Players have the opportunity to enjoy end result content through many difficulties and add to their enormous skill tree with Cluster Jewel.

The Mirror of Delirium

The focus of the expansion is on delirium detected by players. As with previous extensions, revitalizing this new item will lead to new opponents and make existing opponents stronger, so it's wise to think carefully about the best time to dive. It adds a lot of monster averages to make the stations more deadly than it is now. Now with new bombs and monsters, both rare and unique.

The more sensitive the player, the more challenges and rewards. For individual players, this comes in the form of a new act on endpoint maps.

Orbs Of Delirium

One of the most important elements of this extension would be the Orbs of delirium. Like other prices, these can be applied to game maps to directly influence a player's delirium experience. Orb is tough, and up to five can be used in one meeting for most of the hardest prices, but also for the best prizes.

The final challenge is Simulacrum. The deepest depths of a player's Delirium game may contain Simulacrum chips. When you collect 100, players can enter the final battle of the game in this expansion.

An Ever Expanding Skill Tree

One of the most important expansion announcements is the ability to further expand the player's skill tree. Players must choose to expand their Negative Skills trees using Cluster Jewel, an external power outlet with custom controls that enhance the available negative elements. All in all, players can add one of the 280 new high-profile brands or vaccinate extra sockets for extra power.

They can be obtained from any monster in the delirium league and will certainly have a huge impact on the game. It is impressive to see what new structures are created as new negatives are added to the progress at the end of the game, and most importantly if players can still compete without investing too much in getting Cluster jewelry.

New Skills, New Gems, New Designs?

Path of Exile has always been about building a character in a way that suits every player. Delirium offers a total of four new skill games and three new foundation stones. For example, Blade Blast lets players blow up codes left by Ethereal Knives, Blade Vortex and Bladefall. Stormbind places storm fleets on the ground and spreads as long as user channels, which can also be blasted for massive damage.

New elements are also being added, including new prediction cards and unique products that add new and unique construction opportunities. Perfidy, a piece of Glorious Plate, encourages the use of different characters at the same time with both War Banner and Dread Banner amateurs.

Delirium Supporter Packs

As always, Path of Exile is free and the opportunity to spend money to support the developer. This time Delirium bundles two support packages, with Darkseer and Fateweaver. Both basics cost $ 30 USD and include 250 points, a title, a weapon effect, headgear, a photo and a digital music frame from the Delirium League Extended Sound Sound series. Elite Fateweaver and Darkseer Packs offer similar products for $ 60, including extra points and a cosmetic upgrade.

There's only a few weeks to wait for Delirium to release on March 13th, so get ready to dive into frenzy! Path of Exile is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.