​The Atlas needs some UI changes

Dec-26-2019 PST path of exile Tag: Path of Exile, Path of Exile Currency, POE Currency, PoE orbs, PoE items

The map backing tab badly needs an update, or the Atlas needs some UI changes. Currently, your agency to apperceive what maps you've completed the benefit objectives on in is rather pointlessly inhibited by the UI changes on the Atlas-specifically as a aftereffect of the watchstones mechanic.

When you accretion Conqueror access in a region, they abduct your watchstones so you cannot adapt the amount of watchstones in that region, or retrieve them to abode them elsewhere. This is appealing annoying in a lot of ways, get path of exile currency, but for the account of pertinence: if all your stones accept been taken hostage, there's no way for you to analysis the added map regions to acquisition a specific unrevealed map for its bonuses if it's not already visible.

An another in this case would commonly be to attending at your map backing tab, because pay-to-win doesn't abide in this game. However, the accepted adaptation of the map backing tab will not consistently acknowledge what maps abide aural anniversary bank until you in fact abundance them there.

Why there aren't bare slots accessible for the amateur to analysis is above me. If the architecture accommodation was to abate UI clutter, I anticipate that address has sailed if you now charge to annal assorted curve to analysis maps in assertive tiers.

What's even sillier is that there are maps I accept activate and absitively to anon run and complete both bonuses on that don't even accept an abandoned aperture in my map backing tab because I didn't arbitrarily put them in the tab and afresh anon yield them out. So if said maps eventually end up in action in a mission or getting awash by Zana I'm larboard abrading my arch if I completed that a anniversary ago or not.

A added affair is that the Awakening benefit is not accessible for analysis on the map backing tab, but I'm abiding that'll be implemented eventually. And acutely the affair of this column doesn't absolutely affect humans who accept a absolutely watchstoned Atlas, but for everybody abroad there's a lot of absolutely absurd UI changes in play that accomplish the new Atlas added ambagious than it needs to be.