Runescape Update Adds “Diversity Improvements,” Draws Outrage

Feb-25-2020 PST runescape

Jagex is under fire after the latest Runescape update has implemented "Diversity Enhancement".

Runescape developers (should not be mistaken for Old School Runescape) announced their corrective notes in their latest update on February 24.

Among them was the title entitled "Improving Diversity", which better illustrates Jagex's desire to "better promote diversity in the game".

"We take it by the hand - we could have done a better job of promoting diversity in the game in the past. But as they say, the best time to start is now, so today we made the following small changes to help RuneScape be a happier and more inclusive place."

The changes included the following:

       The word 'Roma' has been removed from the name Ares and the text has been examined because it can be interpreted as racist camouflage.

       Many other Karama national characters have received more favorable titles.

       The names of many national figures in the Khuraidan “Ali” desert have been changed to better reflect the diversity of names we see in real life.

       Some dialogues have changed in search of similar lives to eliminate unintended crime. "

The kingdom of Karamja is covered by forests (inspired by African and Caribbean cultures). Based on the debate surrounding the update, it seems that the terms “brutal” and “natives” have abandoned the description of tribal characters.

Khuridian is a desolate desert kingdom (inspired by the Middle East). The reason many national technical committees called Ali is because of the game's knowledge. According to Winscape Vendome, Mayor Polneviev wrote in his will that his wealth would be left to Ali.

When no heir came to that, a large number of townships changed their names to Ali to claim it. Then it became a tradition (especially in Pollnivneach) to name children Ali.

A distinction is made between national personalities in the region according to their full names (mayor, engineer, etc.) or their role models. There are some exceptions (for example, Ali Al-Hajj, which was short for Alice, and Ali-Cat-the Cat).

Meanwhile, the quest for Kendrid's spirits involves an attempt to save the victims of the kidnapping, and eventually participates in sadistic games and decides to save their friends.

Censored content seems to be when Sliske attempts to distract Dragonkin's attention by flirting with them (either jokingly or mockingly). He says, "You know, I define it as a bark."

“Furry culture” (those who love porn, inherited stereotypes) include people who love reptile-based characters. However, some have explained the ridiculous joke of transgender and those who define the opposite sex.

When it was brought to Runescape SubReddit (moderator a month ago), moderator "darkhearted_raven" said it was supposed to be a joke based on the furry culture above and "put in a job to change the text, but it shouldn't be an illegal joke at all" .

Although others have asked not to change it, it now appears to have undergone many other changes.

Many players have objected to these changes, especially SubReddit [1,2,3,4,5,6,7]. There has been criticism between Jagex and criticizing the game by trying to be non-aggressive, which would lead to censorship of other conditions that at least would be offensive to some. The user even felt that the change in "Alis" prevented a game that represents Arab culture.

“I remember one of the first things that attracted me to this game was that after two minutes of walking I found out that the whole part of the game world represented my culture and I felt like I was at home in scrap. You don't help politically. "

The official forums were similar [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8], but few appreciated the change [1, 2].

Jagex's desire to improve diversity is likely to stimulate one of the founding partners of the UKIE promise of diversity on 6 February.

In the "Raise the Game" campaign, Jafex stated that "it has committed itself to protecting diversity by showing change or activity in one of the pillars of the three commitments". These pillars are:

       ⒈ “Create a diverse workforce by employing as much equity as possible.

       ⒉ Create inclusive and welcoming workplaces by educating and inspiring people to take greater personal responsibility to promote and promote diversity and inclusion.

       ⒊ It reflects greater variety of gaming at all levels, from game design and development to marketing and community engagement. "

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